You guys remember our emeritus weatherman, SFist Ted, right? Well, when SFist Ted wasn't licking a finger and holding it up to find out what direction the wind's blowing, he was running everyone's favorite pet networking blogs, Dogster and Catster -- so we're thrilled to read in the paper that our very own Al Roker's just secured $1 million in angel funding! Whooo! Party at Ted's house!

Ted's particular pet guardian investors include Goldman Sachs and the Mobius Venture Capital firm -- along with the guy who runs (we never know where those periods go). Dogster's announced that it wants to use the money to start new pet networking sites, for horses, fishes, and hamsters, and possibly other "non-pet" networks too (though Ted also said he's not interested in sponsoring dating sites.) However, someone else has already started Hamsterster -- which is awesome, like if we started a site for the college in Poughkeepsie and called it Maristist.

Here's a picture of Ted, by the always-faboo MJ, before his accident at the ill-fated softball game between SFist and Wired.