No, we're just joking about that.

To get everyone started, here's a few questions we'd like asked:

- What's up with all the hair on Suri Cruise?
- Both of you accuse the other of being tools of the special interest yet one would do whatever the business community says to do and the other the unions. What's the difference?
- That guy on the stage with Arnie...who is he again?
- Really, what's up with Suri Cruise's hair?
- If black blood mixed with latino blood is "hot" what would that make black/Asian? Or mixing Latino and Native American? Latino and Finnish?
- Considering both of your backgrounds and affiliations, how do we know you're serious about improving the environment? After all, it's hard to believe you when one drives a Hummer and is backed by the business lobby and the other by Developers and made millions in Real Estate?
- Seriously, is Suri wearing a baby toupee or what?
- Whose milkshake would bring more boys to the yard?

What would you ask?