El Nino is a weather pattern that occurs every so often, in which temperatures in parts of the Pacific warm up and change weather patterns. In California, it'll usually means more rain, the same as in the Southeast and Texas. But at least when it rains, it'll be warmer because El Nino brings warm winters, the same for the North East. There is also the potential for drought and wildfires in Australia and parts of Central America but who cares about places that aren't us?

We've been through a bunch of these El Nino Winters' so we can vouch for the fact El Nino usually means lots and lots of rain followed by more rain and then more rain again. In other words, pretty dreary. This year, however, scientists are saying that were in the midst of a baby El Nino (El Ninnette?) and it might not be so bad.

But wait, say you? What about Global Warming? Didn't Al say all the weird weather is caused by Global Warming? Was he lying? Does this mean weather patterns get thrown off naturally and not due to carbon dioxide? Are the Republicans right? Should we sell the Hybrid and buy that SUV we've secretly always wanted? Have no fear, Global Warming alarmists, there's another study out saying the ice in theArctic Sea is melting faster than usual. In other words, we're still doomed.