Oh deerie-deer, Lance is back on the hot seat. An article in the New York Times on Tuesday reports that two former U.S. Postal teammates of Lance, Frankie Andreu and another unidentified rider, have admitted to using EPO during the 1999 racing season. The article does note that neither of the two riders ever saw Lance use any drugs, but the implication, and the guilt by association, are readily apparent.

Needless to say, Lance was not pleased.

Most people still want to believe that Lance was clean during his superhuman run of seven straight Tour de France championships, but this isn't the first time Lance has been implicated. It's getting harder and harder to remain a believer.

Now that he's hanging with the cool kids, papa's got a brand new baggie. Photo from New York Times.

How many other Lance teammates and associates, including Roberto Heras, Tyler Hamilton, and of course, Floyd Landis, have been caught doping? A crapload. Almost too many to be coincidental, but Lance has been tested over 1000 times without ever registering a positive -- although, neither did Andreu in 1999, the year in which he has now admitted using EPO. And unlike Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and others, nobody has ever actually seen Lance take performance enhancing drugs.