Thank goodness. Let it come. Let the games count once more, we pray you, let the National Football League's Regular Season begin. Once more for our entertainment, the thirty-two franchises will clamber over one another to reach the Vince Lombardi Trophy like kittens chasing a moth.

Let's look in on our San Francisco 49ers, shall we?

Strength: Tight end.
No, not joking. On paper, San Francisco's TE position is the one that changes the team's complexion for the offense. First round draft pick Vernon Davis is now the highest-paid tight end in the NFL before he ever catches his first pass, a measure of the expectations laid upon him. Eric Johnson -- he of Yale, soft hands, and bad luck with getting hurt -- is injury-free, bringing his canny receiving skill back into the fold. A 2006 sixth-round pick, Delanie Walker has been the breakout guy of the preseason for the Niners, authoring a fantastic stiff arm against Da Bearss, and showing himself to be a dynamic runner after the catch.

Historically, Norv loves him some TE usage in his offensive schemes. Remember Jay Novacek from Norv's glory years with the Cowboys? Yes, him. Now imagine if Novacek had wide receiver's top speed and danglin' dreadlocks. Go Vern, go.

By SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing