So this year, as we approach NFL '06, we read through the experts to see what they have to say about our two local teams. This year, they all pretty much said the same thing about both of our local teams. In fact, we could sum it up in two words: last place.

How dreary is this season looking? On Deadspin, the writer of the Raiders' preview refused to discuss the current team, only his Raiders memories, and the writer for the 49ers admits he hasn't really cared since Steve Young left.

But wait, isn't there more to the teams other than being doomed to last place? Well, yes. The general consensus on the 49ers seems to be that they're bad, but not as bad as last year, mainly because it's almost mathematically impossible for a team to be that bad two years in a row. And the general consensus for the Raiders seems to be "what the?" as in "what the hell are they thinking."

Quarterback plays a large part in the thinking, mainly in that Aaron Brooks is destined to break break your heart. Which we know because he broke our heart two years ago in Fantasy Football. As for Alex Smith? All Peter King could say about him is that he's a really nice guy. Apparently, so is Vernon Davis because that's all the TMQ could say about the Niners. Alas, we all know what happens to nice guys.

Well, there are some nice things being said about both teams. ESPN says the Raiders are making the right moves but are still a last place team. And Ron Borges of MSNBC Sports says if things break right, the Raiders could surprise. ESPN also has some love for Mike Nolan and says he's the right guy at the right time but still hampered by the previous guys.

So see, it's not that bad, Bay Area football fans. With a little luck, the Raiders can compete and the Niners can compete in 2008. Until then, well, isn't watching football really about drinking a lot of beer and eating really disgusting food with the buddies? We'll always have Pat O'Shea's