Let's go to the rap sheet, shall we? At his first stop in Indianapolis he was let go after making obscene gestures at the coach during a game. At his next stop in Atlanta, he got benched for a season after only yelling at the coach during a game. After that there was a quick succession of teams who fell in love with his arm but quickly fell out of love with his attitude. And yes, that includes the Raiders before he ran afoul of Chucky Gruden and was let go. He also sported one of the worst mullets in sports.

Oh yeah, he also hasn't played in several years. Like since 2001. He was last signed to an NFL contract in 2004. According to the Chron, he was last seen running a "run-and-shoot offense for a fourth-grade football team in his hometown of Indianapolis." And he's 38 fer crissakes, which would make him a rookie on the Giants, but we digress

All of this shouldn't be that surprising consider the coach hasn't been a head coach in twelve years and the offensive coordinator hasn't worked in football in seven years. Seriously, shouldn't Al start investing in new technology? You know, like the kind that allows you to scout players and coaches using something other than VHS technology? A lot has changed since then, you know: a Bush is in the White House, we're in a war in the Middle East, and the economy sucks.

Huh. Anyyone know what Thurman Thomas is up to these days?