When last we fretted over matters Halloweenish, Bevan Dufty was the only major community leader to take a stand regarding the annual event that most observers agree can get just a wee bit calamitous. Some folks want it cancelled, some folks wouldn't have it any other way, and still other folks want to improve it. But as DC1974 smartly fretted, "My thinking is that [an enclosed party and a strong police presence] would probably not be in the spirit of San Francisco. And so in that way of thinking, if it can't be the ideal then it should be eliminated." Yikes.

We know how Devan feels, of course ("if you kids don't settle down RIGHT THIS MINUTE then so help me God I will ground you into the next zip code"), but won't somebody think of the drag queens? Over the last few years, Donna Sachet's been the public face of the Castro Hallowen, Pride events, and liquor advertisements -- who better to consult? Donna's thoughts appear after the jump.