We’re considering booking our dream vacation now if the Olympic Games will be in San Francisco instead of Los Angeles or Chicago in 2016. Maybe it's a chance to try apartment or home swapping.

The prospect of Olympics in SF gives us pause. We have always loved living in the Bay Area, but remain in touch with our inner two year old, which means we still have a hard time sharing the City with the masses. It’s not that we don’t like the idea of money for the City (and all the restaurants, bars, and hotels therein). In fact, we like thinking of all those sporty hotties literally running around. Babes aside, we only foresee an Olympic size mess.

Grumpiness sets in deeper when we imagine the crowded MUNI and BART trains and traffic. Who doesn’t hate how bogged down life gets when there are crowds coming and going to the same places we are? Mr. Ford, what will MUNI do then? While there is ample time to address these transportation issues, MUNI’s track record keeps us skeptical.

If changes aren't made, there could be problems housing the athletes. What dumbass decided to put the athletes up at the old Hunters’ Point shipyard in an “Olympic Village”? Why house people in an area that already is saddled with impressions that it’s unsafe and filled with crime? The weather's warm, but it's a neighborhood said to be in need of re-developing -- more business, more programs, more support. On the other hand, maybe the Bayview Hunter’s Point district would magically get the funds, attention and police coverage it needs, along with more services for its residents. With the whole world watching, we’re betting the higher ups would get it all cleaned up just in time. In between our own elite training exercises of raising our fork and lifting beer bottles, we'll be watching.