Q: Are you going to be trading up, a la One Red Paperclip?
A: I wasn’t, but after pondering this question for the entirety of my morning commute, I decided that I actually was. Why not? I need a hobby and this could be fun. However, since trade one is a huge stack of porn, I decided to make the entirety of the blog about vice. So if, for instance, you want to trade me cheese, it has to somehow be sinful cheese. The end goal of these trades will be a bar. I want a fully-stocked, licensed bar. This blog will become the satanic analog to One Red Paperclip.
Go ahead and make the man an offer. Currently in the lead is an offer of three bottles of booze. We would have gone with the handjob.

On the other hand, if you're looking for "hyperlocal" news that's a tad more gritty than what's on offer at Backfence's latest expansion to San Mateo, check out "16th and Mission..." While ethically it's somewhere between that guy who filmed the Golden Gate Bridge suicides and Gavin's plan to cover The City in video cameras, it's certainly an entertaining look at San Francisco's shadiest cornier. The trick? He hides his digital camera in a sugar box. All the fun of a crackhead circus, but without the urine smell!

We at SFist would like to say "Three cheers for citizen journalism!"