Last year a Canadian blogger (Kyle MacDonald) started a quest to turn his one red paper clip into a house using Craigslist and his bartering skills. After completing 14 trades he finished his task and ended up with a house in Kipling (Saskatchewan, Canada). All in all it was a pretty interesting idea and we laud Mr. MacDonald for his trading skills... though we do question the afternoon with Alice Cooper for a Kiss Snow Globe trade. Come on! He should be able to get more for an afternoon with the God who wrote the lyrics:

    School's out for summer! School's out forever!

What is most impressive about his undertaking, however, is not the actual trade completion, but the fact that he now has both a book and movie deal! The movie deal is with DreamWorks pictures, home of luminaries such as Steven Spielberg. For Craigslist aficionados (or Craigslist Obsessives) such as ourselves, seeing such heavyweights throw money around is pretty cool, since it shows that maybe, just maybe, Craigslist is becoming as universal as we always hoped it would.

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School's been blown to pieces!