We've been closely following this strange attempt by Bevan & Friends to put a stop to Halloween parties in the Castro -- including private house parties. Check out the coverage of Bevan's Wednesday meeting on our Party-Party friends' site; party member Adam reports that the meeting was populated mostly by businesspeople, not residents, and that the primary complains were that revelers relieved themselves in locations other than restrooms, that hate crimes were possible (the evidence presented for this argument was that there were gay bashings at 2006's Pride), that house parties were too unruly and should be discouraged, and that the event wasn't gay enough. Yes that's right, people actually said that. Castro Halloween should be cancelled because there are too many straight people attending. Whereas gays, as we know, are all so terribly well-behaved. Next item on the agenda: cancelling the Fourth of July because someone saw some foreigners standing near an American flag.

Alix Rosenthal is running against Bevan this year for supervisorship of District 8, and we asked her to comment on this strange state of affairs. She replied to us that she opposed cancelling the parties: "First, I think that 'cancelling' the event will not work to dissuade people from coming there. Efforts to move it to Civic Center have failed in the past."

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