When was your best show ever?
The last time we played NY which was a couple of months ago. It felt to us that people were finally seeing this (Om) as its own thing rather than projecting sentiments over a band we were in ten years ago. Our friend Erica did sound and left a few people deaf.

Where are the best fans?
At the symphony. Where if you clap thinking it’s the end of the "piece" everyone stares at you like you ran over their dog. I guess you're supposed to know it’s a rest and only clap when it’s safe.

The best venue is?
There have been many we've really enjoyed playing, but as for "best" venue it isn't possible to say. One that stands out from days past is the old Limelight in NYC. It was a really old church converted to a venue. The sound system was very capable. From stage we could see the old stained glass alcoves up high. There were labyrinths below the ground level.

What's it take to get a gig in this town?
There's quite a network of enthusiastic folks here who are into making things happen, but it also takes work and the ability to not be easily discouraged.

What's your take on the music scene here?
There's a collective enthusiasm, but also an undercurrent of sometimes ruthless competition, which brings out the best in music but sometimes the worst in the musicians.

People should buy the new album because:
I don't know if they should buy it. This isn't some sales pitch thing. Buy it if you like it and can relate to it.

Official record release party for Conference of the Birds. Sat, July 29th //Bottom of the Hill//9pm, $10//Om, Asunder, DJ Solana and Black Fjord.