The restaurants include Myth, thus the proud display there, but also Acquerello, the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, Farallon, the Fifth Floor, La Folie, etc. That is the crème de la crème, and for each place, there is a whole dining menu in recipes. A typical menu will include the dishes a restaurant is famous for: the Indian Spiced Lamb Burgers at Levende, the Sweetbread Salad at Myth, the Quail Lollipops at La Folie, the S'mores at Luna Park. One has to appreciate the care given to the selection of the restaurants and of each menu: while the book's publisher is in Seattle, the effort really feels local.

Also, the recipes cover a wide range of ingredients, and there is some, but not too much overlap between the different restaurants: say two seared foie gras, or three scallop dishes. As you can intuit from the restaurant list, the recipes aim at high-end sophistication, so be ready to break the piggy bank for the ingredients: truffles, lobster, crab or yuzu juice.