It's over. Finished. Kapoot. As of this moment, we will no longer start to believe in you. Once again, for like the umpteenth and hundredth time, we started to think that you had turned the corner. That you had figured it all out, had put it all together and were about to go on the Big Run. You know, the run where you win like twenty out of twenty-five games and put the distance between you and the rest of the mediocrities that you run with in your division.

How could we not? After getting bitch-slapped around by the A's, you swept the Rangers, and then split a four game series against the Pads. Yeah, you only won two out of the four games, but you were two bullpen blowups from sweeping the series. Take away a couple of innings and you guys were playing great baseball-- good pitching, timely hitting, great D. Then you took the first game against the Rockies in a roller coaster of a game and it looked like you were still on a roll. Hell, all the guys on KNBR were talking about how much better you were playing. You were right there, with first place all yours for the taking.

And then, poof, just like that, you went back to your bad ways and got your butts kicked two games in a row. Your pitchers were getting hit, the fielders were dropping everything, and the offense went back to sleep. In Colorado, where every offense is the '27 Yankees, humidor rumors be damned. And now, once again, its snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity-- a team one game over .500. Here comes the angst again.

See, this is how it goes with you. You start playing well; you make Giants fans start thinking good thoughts, and then nothing. It hasn't been just this season; it's been like the past three seasons. Every time it looks like you are about to get it together and hope enters the craggy realms of consciousness, you start stinking up the joint again. And everytime we start thinking "okay, this time it's really going to happen," it doesn't.

Oh, Giants-- you are our Pam to our Jim. Joey to our Dawson. If you were a Bon Jovi song you'd be "You Give Love a Bad Name" and if you were a Neil Diamond song you'd be "Love on the Rocks." We can no longer believe you will ever come around.

Unless, of course, you go on a little tear and win like four out of five. Then, well, "Let's Go Giants!"