It starts innocently enough: first you're just stretching your neck now and then while you're sitting at your office computer. Next thing you know, you need a flexbility hit every day -- squeezing your hamstrings before walking up a hill, pulling your arms behind your back all night long instead of going out and seeing your friends, spending all your cash on yoga mats rather than paying the rent. But the high keeps wearing thin, and you need a stronger hit each time. And before long you've hit rock-bottom, enrolling in a Naked Yoga For Men class with a bunch of down-and-out junkies who'd eat a live puppy just to feel their jaw muscles stretch.

So anyway, parties interested in conducting spiritual experiences according to an organized schedule will be interested to hear that Darren Main's yoga classes for nude dudes have been moved to 6pm from earlier in the day. First-timers can get cheaply addicted by downloding this first-class-free coupon [PDF]. All you need is a water bottle, a towel, and (this is important) clothes to wear when you're traveling to and from the studio.