So, then what is it we keep hearing about the SF Cab Commission? Why has this usually obscure governmental backwater suddenly become the latest source of gossip, intrigue, and petty name-calling? Well, the fun started last week when after a long, long meeting that lasted well into the night, the then-members of the Taxi Committee voted to kick out Gavin's handpicked leader, Heidi Machen. Word has it the reason was that Heidi drew emnity from the other members for getting all school-marm like and making them follow rules. Like making them file audits and keep accurate records of books and all that lame-o kind of stuff (letters to the Examiner, however, disagree).

And whom did all this rebound on? Gavin. Because Gavin basically put Machen on the commission and failed to put on any other members who might help her out. Left out for the wolves as it were. After Machen was let go, Gavin said he was just about to redo the commission and replace a bunch of members whose terms had expired to help Machen out but just didn't get to it yet-- certain people were on vacation, he didn't get the paperwork in on time, he's way behind on his catching up on "The Hills" on Tivo, blah...blah...blah. For a supposed hands-on Mayor it didn't look good. The Gavster, BTW, is a little behind on his replacing of committee members with expired terms, over fifty behind.

So with Machen out, Gavin leapt into action and finally got around to appointing his peeps. He's even trying to get Machen back in the game. And so far? Well, they were supposed to meet on Monday to start going over anything to reinstate Machen, but the meeting was scrapped for unknown reasons, although we think "unknown reasons" meant "it's the day before the Fourth-- who the hell wants to work today?" Meanwhile, the person Gavin put in charge until he finds a new head is an aide to Machen, cab driver, dieter extraordinaire, and accused felon, Tristan Bettencourt. We don't know Tristan, but we wonder what Tristan ever did to deserve this. Somebody out there doesn't seem to like him.

Another hearing will be announced soon.