SFist would like to give an official SFist Mazel Tov to Alameda's own Craig "Hot Lixx Hulahan" Billmeier who became the Fourth ever US Air Guitar National Champion. Having seen Hot Lixx in action, we can only say well done, sir, well done. Hot Lixx swept to victory with, well, we'll let the press release describe it:

"In the first "open" round, Hot Lixx began seated, playing Carlos Montoya while wearing an enormous sombrero. But soon his music turned into Metallica and he rose, wowing the crowd with technical accuracy and undeniable airness. In the final, compulsory round, Hot Lixx stunned the crowd by jumping off the stage, sprinting up to the judges in the balcony, sitting on the edge of the railing, leaning precariously over the screaming fans on the main floor, and looking death right in the eye...all the while playing Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' with impeccable grace and daring the judges to give him less than a perfect score."


In winning, Hot Lixx defeated returning champion Andrew "William Ocean" Litz who rocked the crowd by featuring "his signature airborne flip, in which he lands on an empty can of 16oz. Sparks Malt Liquor, crushing it with his posterior, and then rising up with the crushed can triumphantly snuggled into his back pocket..."

Hot Lixx now goes onto Finland to compete in the World Air Guitar Championships where he will not only represent the Bay Area, but the entire country too.

Rock on, dude, rock on.

Image by Dan Eckstein