We're so delighted by Little Otsu that we're posting a Rave on Friday!

So we've been meaning to check out Little Otsu since the switch from clothing products to paper, along with the move from 16th Street to Valencia and 19th. Having some free time this afternoon, we were casually strolling down Valencia this afternoon, with a plan in mind to maybe pick up a weekly planner to keep all those Wednesdays events straight in our mind.

As we cross 19th Street, we notice a huge cloud of smoke drifting across Valencia from that itty-bitty Mission Park, across the street from Little Otsu. , we think. As we get closer, we smell some kind of burning wood smell. Is that a fire?, we think, momentarily alarmed.

Then we see someone from Little Otsu run out of the store, with a big blue bucket filled with water, and into the park. Splash! He dumps the water onto a smoldering trash can. We get in the store at this point, and see the other Little Otsu proprietor just getting off the phone with 911. The guy with the bucket runs back in, fills the bucket up again, and runs back out across the street to the park.

About two minutes later, the fire engines come racing down Valencia, hook up their hoses, and pour water all over the whole place. That could've been really bad! Thanks, Little Otsu, for saving the Mission!

Picture of the Little Otsu proprietors; we think it was Jeremy on the left who put out the fire, and Yvonne on the right who called the SFFD but we didn't get anyone's name. We did, however, pick up a very cute weekly planner.

Dusty today