If you never saw Flight Attendant School, it was a six-week reality show following 40 candidates training to attend flights for Frontier. While the intention of the show was to renew the public's respect for Waitrons in the Sky, we found our respect for these people actually from week to week. We've flown a reasonable amount, and we've always admired those men and women who take on this challenging task. But both the Frontier trainers and trainees were portrayed on the show as the most petty, mean, and -- how do we say this nicely? -- mind-spinningly dense folks we've ever seen on TV. And we watch a lot of TV.

If we're ever going to leave the comfort of the Yay Area again, we just can't do it on an airline that fires students for showing up at the wrong entrance one week, then gives another student insanely obvious "hints" as she completes her emergency evacuation evaluation the next. Come on, there's got to be a reason their very cute commercials don't feature any actual Frontier employees as spokespeople.

When you bust out of town, what's your preferred airline? Did anyone watch Flight Attendant School besides us? Anyone know if that bunny from the commercials is available for interviews? Let us know in the comments!