We're back from vacation -- and it's to get caught up on two weeks of news! Why didn't anyone tell us San Jose mayor Ron Gonzales got indicted? Over a garbage-services contract, no less. Mr. Gonzales, really -- if you're going to collaborate with the teamsters, can't you pick a less obvious type of city contract to collaborate over? We're also impressed that the latest article gratuitously mentions that Gonzales is in an ugly divorce after allegations of an extramarital affair arose. How did it become that the SJ mayor is now more lurid than SF's?

Back in SF, Everybody Hates Chris District 6 candidate Rob Black finally launched his website. It reveals that in his youth, he used to organize reggae concerts. Get up, stand up: Don't give up the fight!

On a similar note, M&R reluctantly reveal that there was probably no impropriety in Chris Daly's former roommate getting a job as a housing inspector, despite their valiant efforts to find some.

And finally, the SF Party Party is thrilled to announce that someone (besides exotic male dancer Starchild) is going to run against Bevan Dufty for the District 8 seat. We here at the 'Fist have been asked to start up a District 8 election watch column too (if only to have an excuse to interview Starchild), but we're not doing it until someone suggests a fun name for the column. Go to it in the comments, folks! If we get a name we like, we'll totally launch it up.