How this thing would work is that the turbine put near Ocean Beach would convert the energy given off by waves into electricity. The other one would go somewhere under the Bay Bridge and somehow convert the current into electricity. Don't ask us how or why, though, as we were English Majors and science was never our strong point. Since the plan is just in the initial stages, it hasn't been determined yet whether all of this would be run by the city, the company that could build all this stuff, or PG&E. We would almost like to see it given to PG&E just to see Bruce Brugmann and Tim Redmond's head explode.

The idea actually kind of came from Matt Gonzalez three years ago, one of his campaign ideas which made some people merely roll their eyes at the craziness of it all (but not from us, no sirree-- we were totally behind it from the beginning). So a study was put together to look into it and the study concluded that it's just crazy enough to work.

Ordinarily, we'd snark all over this, but we watched that Tom Friedman documentary over the weekend about the importance of getting off oil and he kept on interviewing people who had these great ideas that would generate all sorts of energy for cheap and people would just laugh at them and the government would pull their funding and now the world is totally heating up and Global Warming is totally happening and we're totally doomed and SAVE US Al Gore, SAVE US!!!!!!!!

In other words, we are completely down with this proposal.