So naturally, this morning, we checked out the Examiner's web site only to see that a court hearing has been set over the Bush administration wanting to put a biodefense lab at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. LOL!

The lab's basic job is to test out dangerous bioagents like HIV, the plague, and anthrax in case they get used as bioweapons in the War on Terror. Sweet, the plague! The Dark Ages totally rocked-- VH-1's "I Love the 800's" was totally our favorite "I Love..." episode. Anyways, the administration has been trying to get this sucker opened for a while now but has encountered nothing but trouble in getting it opened. The lab has been built and is ready to open in August, but in a last ditch attempt to prevent it from opening, it's opponents have taken it to court. Thus the court hearing.

And what would the opponents of the biolab be complaining about? Only the opening of a biolab holding a real rogue's gallery of diseases and pestilence in a hugely populate area. Not to mention it being built RIGHT NEAR SEVERAL SEISMIC FAULT LINES!!!!!!!!!!! One earthquake and it's "Bring Out Your Dead!" People behind the lab, however, say it's all good, nothing to worry about, yadda...yadda...yadda...war on terror.

Of course, you could also think that putting such a lab in the middle of the Bay Area makes sense if you're one of Bush's henchmen. We are all Democrats after all. You wouldn't expect them to put something like that in Dallas or in Alabama would you? Then again, would you ever think any sort of scientific lab could be built in Alabama? Being such a bunch of super-geniuses does have its downsides.