We Are Scientists - NMNGHYou might already know that their debut album, With Love & Squalor, will drive you to do strange, angular dances to the stop-start rhythms, alarm clock guitars and addictive melodies. The 'Scientists may look like some emaciated slackers, but their rock songs about passing out on the floor and hooking up somehow turn out to be motivational. Inspirational even. You could jog to this record. It could be the soundtrack to your Big Comeback. And admit it, those few stray curls that grow over Keith's eye are quite endearing.

You need some We Are Scientists in your life. To that end, we're giving away TWO prize packs including:

A British import of "The Great Escape" Single featuring "The Great Escape" and "This Means War", a British Import of the "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" single featuring "NMNGH" and "Mucho Mas", The Great Escape CD/DVD which includes "The Great Escape", "This Means War", "Callbacks Under the
Sea" and "The Great Escape" video, and a full length of With Love & Squalor.

Enter for your chance to win, and don't you be late to the Warfield tonight. (Contest ends 6/7. Winners will be notified via email.)

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