You know what this means, of course? That while the rest of us think Google is a once cute tech company now about to take over the world, full of fresh faced engineers skipping through campus with their free five-star meals and scooters; Google really is an evil, liberal, Prius driving, America-hating, company that hates our freedom and makes little Baby Jesus cry.

Now granted, Google comes up with icons on not so big holidays as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's birthday or the Persian New Year. Hell, a blogger at the National Review's Corner even mentions that Google came up with two-- TWO-- icons for Martin Luther King Day, but nothing on the day we're supposed to honor our war dead. How hard is it to put up a flag or ribbon or picture of W. on a flight deck? A few bloggers, obviously with nothing to do over the three day weekend, even e-mailed Google to complain, only to quickly get one of those automated "thank you" e-mails letting them know they're going to take their comments under advisement. Turns out, however, that they sent out the very same e-mails last year and still didn't put up something for Memorial Day. Both and Dogpile did something (no word on Yahoo! or MSN). Either way, conservatives are getting mad and adding yet another thing to their list of Who Hates America.

If we were Larry or Sergey we'd be watching what we say on the phone because you never know when the NSA might be listening. Of course, at this point they could buy the NSA, but, well, you know.