This year, both Live 105 and 107.7 the Bone busted out their Top 500 lists and that made the weekend even that more exciting. It was a veritable smorgasbord of rock. It also meant we got to hear what the favorite songs of both forty-something mullet heads and the alienated youth are. It's like a parallel world thing-- one is a list of everything before 1990 and the other is a list of pretty much everything after 1990. If we had only gotten Top 500 lists from both Alice and KFOG it would have been that much better because we could have also have gotten the favorite songs of Marina Chicks and white-bred Yupsters too. But, alas.

So what songs do we in the Bay Area think rock the hardest? Given our predilection for wanting to be different, would our lists be any different than expected? What is Alternative Nation's "Stairway"? And finally, What Does it All Mean?

Let's take a look shall we: