Witness the explosive growth of SFist Friend and occasional contributor Ted Rheingold's dog-to-dog site dogster.com, a friendster imitation for pet owners over 30, single and childless (or just in an unhappy marriage) who want to live vicariously through their dog’s imaginary social life.

If you are under 30 of course your dog needs to be on myspace.com, where your canine can communicate with other edgy dogs, rabbits, cockatiels and humans. At myspace your dog can join groups like “dogspace”, “bark for books” or “horny mutts of myspace”. Or you can just feed your canines voyeuristic side by search doggie profiles from around the globe such as our favorites like Cortez (check out the Lost Puppy pic in his friends comments) and Stitch, a Canadian dog who seems to have nothing better to do than write to other dogs 24/7 . You could spend hours grazing on all the cool things dogs are doing online these days but the bottom line is the dogs on myspace are having a lot more fun than on dogster.

Reading myspace profiles is probably more fun for dogs than going to our next dog-friendly bar, Pop’s Bar on 24th at York Street. The bar is usually very crowded, so it is hard to find a comfortable place to lay down. There is also no water, food or treats – in other words, dullsville for dogs. The only redeeming qualities are the photo booth in the back and they don’t mind if you sit on a stool at the bar, which is cool. 1.5 St. Bernards.

By SFists Stan and Bailey