Sad as it may seem, a great deal of joy comes into of our lives by browsing missed connections. While we like to say that it is simply good clean fun to see people's hearts and thoughts scattering across what might have been, the fact remains that we are just just hoping someone writes about us (Cute? At Trader Joe's? Buying Pasta? That could be us!). Despite the smatterings of missed connection success stories that we have heard, we remain a little doubtful that their true "connection" rate is anything above the Mendoza Line. This same view is often expressed on Craigslist. Amusingly, it is generally posted in Missed Connections itself.

This older NYT article also discusses missed connections. When we originally saw the article we were hoping for some juicy missed connection triumphs. Sadly, the paper of record only comes up with a single relationship success story to write about. Though we do wonder if some other success stories, say... about egg throwing just did not make good copy.

All of this is why we were not that surprised when this link appeared on Craigslist. It looks like Craigslist would like to get his hands on some Craigslist Missed Connection success stories and is asking people to write in. While we have no idea what Craigslist's true motivation is, we can cherish the thought that maybe, right now, dozens of people are writing in Craigslist success stories which we can vicariously live through.

SFist Nick, contributing. Image from