We realize that those of you with Tivo don't have to trouble yourselves with the minutiae of daily television programming, but for you old schoolers with the VCRs and you hard-liners who only watch original broadcasts, heads up! This morning at 11:00 a.m., NBC is broadcasting its television coverage of the 2006 Maverick's Big Wave Surf Contest.

The contest was originally held February 7, 2006, one of the most unbelievably beautiful winter days in recorded Coastside history. The weather was brilliant, the waves were pounding, and the surfers were ballic. Adding to the spectacle, an estimated crowd of 50,000 surfin' safaried their way out to the crumbling cliffs of Pillar Point to be part of the action.

NBC's one-hour network program is likely to be heavily stilted towards extreme graphics, personal interest pieces, and product profiles, but it's also going to have some serious surfing. In fact, TV viewers will see more surfing action today than 95 percent of the spectators out there on that incredible February day.

Low-angle, contest-day photo from San Diego Union Tribune.

In addition to the NBC spot, Mavericks Surf Ventures, the organization behind the surf contest, also managed to get today's coverage broadcast up on the world-famous Times Square Reuters Sign in New York City. And not only that, there's a Hard Rock Cafe PR gig with Slightly Stoopid and Pepper, and even a multicity Hard Rock tour.

Wow, our little homegrown surf contest has really hit the big time now.