Here's a brief summary of the plot, so you can follow our dialogue: Lonely Cristina finds depressed Tristan's stolen briefcase at the beginning of the movie, takes his cool cigarette lighter and iPod, and begins stalking him through Santiago.

Rita: So what'd you think of the movie? Like I said to you afterwards, it really reminded me of a Chilean Amélie, where a cute but strange young lady (Cristina) brings humanity back to troubled neighbors -- but as you know, I think Am&eacutelie Poulain is a sociopath. I liked Play, though, and I really liked the music. What'd you think?

Wendy: I liked it, too. I really liked how colorful (literally) it was -- the furniture, the fashion, even Santiago, Chile itself. it was a good kind of kooky, with the music and the parts of the film that itself played like the video games in the arcade where we first meet Cristina. I found myself thinking that i want an iPod like the one she found - one where the batteries never seem to run out.

The music was great - did you catch who it was?

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For once, there's an actual "we" behind the royal SFist first-person plural -- SFists Rita and Wendy went to see Play on Wednesday night, and were told, kind of challengingly, by SFIFF staff they would only give us two tickets if we were both reviewing the movie. We accept your challenge, SFIFF!