We want to give you the opportunity to contribute to some of the projects of DonorsChoose through the SFist Cares Reader's Challenge. We picked some projects from local schools and hope you'll consider contributing. Some of those we selected require very little money to be fully funded (someone else has done the rest) and others need a bit more cash to get done. If you can't find anything in our list of projects, maybe there's something else there that speaks to your particular pet interests. We're hoping to raise a very modest $1000 for the various proposals we've picked.

Now, we should be very clear - Sars at Tomato Nation kicked off this BloggersChoose initiative a few weeks back and, after her readers raised $30,000 in a week shaved her head as a reward. We aren't going to shave our head or anything, but we sure will be grateful. We might even be able to rustle up some prizes from the SFist coffers so if you donate, hang onto your confirmation.

This isn't a winner takes all game either. If you are having your own challenge please leave us a comment with your link.