Being part of the Award Winning SFist news desk, we suppose we should say something about the NFL draft tomorrow. So we started up with the researching and decided we were so sick about hearing about the thing that we just couldn't take it anymore. Somewhere along the umpteenth story along the lines of "Reggie Bush Sneezes at Combine-- Could Cost Him Five Spots on the NFL Draft!" or "Does Leinart Rooming With Nick Lachey Show He Is a Good Decision Maker?" we decided to beg off. We mean, both ESPN and CNNSI had lead stories recently about a player dropping positions on their Mock Draft. And we're talking big, headline grabbing, front stories about, say, Vince Young going from #3 to #10. ON A MOCK DRAFT. It's like us writing this big, huge, posting saying that we're leaning towards going to a party over the weekend with Natalie Portman instead of Salma Hayek. Yes, there's probably (probably) more of a chance that Young really could be drafted late in the draft than us having a date with either actress, but, and not to get too Buddhist here, both are based on the exact same level of real-ness. Which is none.

ANYWAYS, this draft is actually kind of exciting here in Bay Area land because both the Niners (sixth) and the Rai-duhs (seventh) have high draft choices. This makes makes people excited because there will be a good chance they'll draft somebody people have actually heard of. Who is the big question because when somebody asks: "what are the team's needs?" the answer for both teams is "what don't we need." More exciting is the Niners’ draft policy this year. According to coach Mike Nolan, the team is looking to draft people who could start. This, apparently, is different from previous seasons when the Niners drafted on things like People Who Already Fit Into a Used Jersey (last year) and People Who Were Born in June (three years ago).