"Did you guys hear about this? I suppose it's old news by now, but I'm still so thrilled that for $5 the Galaxies packed em in at 12:30am last night, and let Ryan & Phil play Dead-esque alt-country jams for hours and hours. I know they were still playing at 3am.

Ryan Adams said several times (between his mopey aggravating stage act) that he loves San Francisco so much. Even if he gets so high and so wasted that he can't walk straight."

Our friend Rosemary says the lovely Jakob Dylan was in the audience, and Leanne says tons of people were snapping photos. We found this great photo set from harpy on Flickr (we hope she doesn't mind us linking). If you have photos or stories from the show, please share them in the comments. And next time you have a rock-n-roll celebrity sighting or hot tip for a secret show, email us!

Image of Ryan from telegraph.co.uk.