Commenter Seamus! We love the name "Ma v Ja" for our new column about the 12th Assembly District race between Fiona Ma and Tori Spelling Janet Reilly!

dd_spelling03150x217.jpgSo, to update everyone on the whole "Did Fiona Ma volunteer for a Republican governor Mike Rounds's campaign in South Dakota?" issue, the answer is no. A red-faced IRS has discovered that their database somehow screwed up, and Fiona's work as the treasurer on the Kimiko Burton for PD campaign somehow got mixed up with the anti-choice governor's paperwork.

Ma, busy making hay, is taking the position of "what does it say about my opponent that she would automatically assume I worked in South Dakota without checking it first?" (which is a good point.) Tori Reilly, for her part, is now claiming that Ma only brought up South Dakota so she could distract the media from Reilly's allegations that Ma has been improperly collaborating with a PAC -- even though Reilly's campaign only filed its complaint about this yesterday, presumably after the whole "I do not work in South Dakota" thing blew up.

As one of our wise contributors predicted a few months back, Ma v Ja is turning out to be the SF race to watch! Especially since no one interesting seems to want to run against Chris Daly.

Janet Reilly really does look like Tori Spelling, doesn't she? Tori is in color.