Subject: Just overheard on the 6th bus heading downtown

At 4th and Market, this average young white guy gets on all excited and calls his friend on his cell. He says, "oh my god, you wouldn't beleive what just happened to me. I was in the Apple store buying an ipod when I see this black guy who looks real familiar. I go up to him and say, "Are you from LA?" The guy says, "NO, I am not from LA." So then I am in line and he is in front of me. He drops his credit card and I reach to pick it up. THe name on the card is none other than DAVE CHAPPELLE. I start chatting with him and give him my number and tell him to call me if he wants to hang out. I know he won't call."

Anyone else seen Dave Chappelle in town today? What's he doing here (besides buying Apple products)? Let us know in the comments!

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