Recently, a lot of discussion has been going on about Craigslist design. From magazines to blogs, blogs, and more blogs, people have been weighing in with on question of whether Craigslist design is Hot or Not? The impetus for most of this discussion is due to a new design that was the result of a forum, entitled "Design Eye for the List Guy" at South by Southwest. Guess they really do everything at SWSX now, don't they?

Craig himself commented on the new design, responding with "It's good. I like it". But then added that any re-design discussion would have to go through his CEO, Jim Buckmaster.

Personally, the minimalist design of Craigslist is part of what keeps us coming back. While at work we can get quick load times over our Super-Fast internet connection, at home, where we do most of our Craigslist browsing (wink, wink), our connection can sometimes leave a little something to be desired. Any site which takes more than a few moments to load, or is too clunky or cluttered, falls to the wayside of our internet-age-ADHD. We only hope that this will never happen to Craigslist.