Is nothing sacred? Canines have very few opportunities to really perform work in this modern society, and now we can’t even pull kegs around in shopping carts?

The teams do stop at many bars along the course and we hope they stopped in our favorite Chinatown dog friendly bar -- Buddha Bar -- a great dive on the corner of Grant and Washington.

Buddha Bar has carpet, which is comfy for lying around on but rarely seen in bars. And they do provide free treats in the form of Shrimp Fries and Funions but did not have a water dish and our Cushing’s disease makes us thirsty all the time. The bar is selectively dog friendly - we kind of had to beg the nice bartender just to come in but she warmed up to us and we were able to explore and meet lots of nice drunk Irish people who just came from some parade. A nice little find and worthy of 2 St. Bernards.

SFists Stan and Bailey, contributing