We have a lot of the screeners lying on our desk, gazing at us reproachfully as we while away the hours watching Tyra crap out on stripping and . We're pretty dubious that we're actually going to get through any of them before the show this Sunday. So how do we stand a chance at sweeping our Oscars pool?

Well, one category we never have much of a clue on are the shorts -- we usually pick the most Holocaustic and go with it. But now we feel like we could score the Live Action Short edge by getting them off the iTunes music store.

Like, it's not enough that we can watch "Lost" and all that crap as we suffer the indignities of yet another N Judah delay, but now we can actually watch something that can give us the edge in our favorite gambling event ever. We complain a lot, but sometimes we really love living in these times.

Image from "Six Shooter", one of the nominated films available on iTunes

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