Brangelina..... TomKat.... Bennifer 2.... Filliam H. Muffman -- every celebrity couple of the moment has a fun blended name!

So help SFist come up with the it name of the moment for our hot couple of the week -- Gavin Newsom and Sofia Milos! Gavia? Newlos? L. Gavin Hubbard?

sofia%20milos%204.jpgPost your suggestions in the comments and we'll give the best one some SFist swag!

You'll have to settle for more goofy pictures of Gavin and Sof., as we try and figure out just exactly how US Weekly does those pictures where they combine the couples' faces together and call it, "What Will Their Baby Look Like?" (SFist Jackson is working on it even as we speak.)

Big ups to SFist Jon, for coming up with the contest idea!