We've got Gavin-Sofia fever! Thanks, SFist Jackson, for the bang-up Photoshop job showing what the union of Mr. Newsom and Ms. Milos might look like! (Scientology Sea Org cap added by Jackson.) And keep those name-the-couple entries coming! We picked CSI: Plumpjack at random from the comments but that's not necessarily an indication of who's going to win! NewSof is looking pretty good too!

As we do our part to keep up the famed "blog chatter" on Gav-boy and Scientologist Sofia (including a shot in this week's US Weekly as a "hot new couple"), Newsom's released a frantic statement: "I'm Catholic! They didn't talk about Scientology at that dinner I went to, just psychiatry! I wasn't even listening because I was focusing on playing footsie under the table!" (okay, we made that last part up.) "I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and get back to focus on things that matter in this world, like homelessness, housing and poverty," our mayor said.

Well, all right, Mr. Mayor, let's do that. According to the latest survey (as reported by anti-Newsomites Beyond Chron, even though the poll itself hasn't been officially released), Newsom's approval levels have dropped to about 50%, from his high of 80%. Beyond Chron speculates that it might be related to Newsom's inconsistent performance on crime and the SFPD. And folks on the sfwall.net are saying that apparently Newsom looked surprised on Channel 2 News this morning when they confronted him with the numbers. Hm.... maybe talking about Ms. Milos instead (video) doesn't look quite so bad now in comparison!