While his going undercover is eminently snark-worthy, it is the typical politician who gets dinged for living too much in the bubble and not with the public. Would His Willieness ever feign riding the Cable Car? Or even be seen anywhere near the Tenderloin? This, says we, is a good thing. Maybe Gavin has tried hopping on the N Judah at the Carl/Cole stop at 8 in the morning? Or maybe used the 16th Street BART station and made it through the obstacle course of shopping carts, hypodermic needles, and puddles of liquid of which we do not want to know of?

Or maybe not.

We will say this, though. As part of your costume, you wear a Yankees cap? A YANKEES CAP!!!? Are you friggin' kidding us? The Yankees? Those over-paid, whiny, blow-a-three-game lead to their archrivals, A-Rod loving, buy a Championship Yankees? You're the Mayor of San Francisco. Bust out the Orange & Black fer crissakes. So yeah, Kimberly gave you the hat. Guess what? She dumped yer ass. Move on.