Yes, our beautiful city and it's congressional representative once again made the "Daily Show." Yay! And could we be more provincial? Anyways, the bit was on latest political meme being that despite all the Republicans troubles caused by committing the three biggest sins of politics-- bad war, bad governance, bad ethics-- the Democrats are once unable to shoot straight. Or even fire their guns without blowing themselves up in the process and winding up looking like Daffy Duck taking on Bugs Bunny and having their beak blown up to the other side of his head. So Stewart and the gang went through a variety of recent statements by Democratic leaders to illustrate the point.

You can watch the entire clip here, but we thought we'd break it down for you, Television Without Pity style (except without it being thirteen pages long and having to take half-an-hour to read).

The bit starts with Stewart setting up the joke, then shows a video clip of Hillary Clinton making Sean Hannity's head explode by comparing being a Democrat in Congress to being a slave on a plantation. Cue joke. That is followed by a snippet of N'Awlins Mayor Ray Nagin's now infamous "I have a dream about chocolate" speech. Cue joke about Nagin. Then Jon goes into a riff about some Democrats talking responsibly and maturely to their responsible and mature base. Cut to a clip of Nancy Pelosi at a San Francisco town hall thingy in which she spent most of the time getting heckled by Medea Benjamin and her Pinkinistas. The clip had Pelosi saying she appreciates all the energy and anger but thinks it better spent on the upcoming election than on heckling. To this she is booed. Cut back to Jon who greets the clip with one of his patented "whaaa?" looks and then the punch line, something about how the Democrats now stand for overthrowing slaveholders, Wlllie Wonka, and quote: "voting is for p------."

Why this is worth pondering is because it once again highlights Pelosi's tightrope of a dilemma these days, trying to be the leader of a party so lost in the wilderness that not even Legolas and his super-elfin hearing could lead them out while still trying to pacify a home front that thinks Bush should have been impeached the day the Supreme Court gave him the keys to the White House. In other words, trying to navigate between sane policy and insane policy.

We'll let you figure out which is which.