When we first bought it, we spent the entire weekend uploading our CDs on it. When we did that, we spent the better part of the next two weeks doing nothing but downloading songs for it (err, legally, of course). But we just can't stop. We must keep on adding music.

When not home, we spend our idle hours thinking up new songs to download. Or dreaming up sub-playlists we need to put together to make sense of the close to 1000 songs we have right now (and yes, it's only 1000 and we're sure a whole lot of you are thinking that's piffle, but the whole "my playlist is bigger than yours" thing is a rant for another time). How bad has it gotten? We have schematic diagrams and flow charts put together to organize all this. In our heads, we debate whether certain songs belong in this playlist or that playlist. Like does Pat Benatar's "Shadows of the Night" belong in our "Rockin'" playlist or our "Rockin' Metal" play list? We even have a notebook we've started carrying around with us to jot down songs that pop into our heads that would totally be download-worthy. And when we hear a cool song on the radio or in a bar, we make a mental note to figure out what it is so we can download it.