One major problem is that Monty only feels comfortable going about seven to eight guys deep, so when he does reach down for Monta Ellis or Chris Taft, it is only for isolated, disjointed minutes. Same with Andris Biedrins and, until recently, Diogu. What's the game plan Monty? What's the rhyme or reason to your insistence on giving huge minutes to Foyle and Dunleavy?

It's time to try out different combinations and schemes.

Playing Chris Taft in only five games since Thanksgiving doesn't do anybody any good. You're telling us there aren't some minutes available for a 6' 10", 260 guy with good strength and instincts?

And 15 months later, everybody is wondering what we've got in Biedrins. Give him minutes. It's time to see what this guy can bring. A recent online survey showed that War-rut fans think the most important building block not yet signed long term is Biedrins.

By SFist the Truthmaker, contributing