Add 15 cents more to your BART card -- Bernal Heights, Baja Noe Valley (what a name), and Upper Mission neighborhood advocates are trying to get BART to revive its 2002 plan to build a new station stop at 30th and Mission. Folks in the area say it's too hard for them to get to either 24th Street or Glen Park by foot, and that they think a new BART stop will help revive the area too. Revive the area? Any area that has Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, El Rio, Mitchell's, Zante's, Goood Fricken Chicken is doing just fine in our books!

BART officials say they'd love to do it, noting that the gap between 24th and Glen Park is the longest uninterrupted segment of the city's BART tracks (2 miles), but need to get the okay from the City before they start, and they'd need to get about 5,000 riders at the station for it to be feasible. Check out the specs here (.pdfs). The new station would cost about $444 million to $525 million to build.

In other news, BART's also looking into whether they should build an extension to Jack London Square too. BART's getting it done! (Though hey guys, maybe you could also look into fixing that switching problem that gets SFist Jon so exercised?)

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