Today the LAPD said they wouldn't cite the Governor for driving without a license. And why should they? Do you remember last time the LAPD tried to stop Arnold? The DMV added that because he was riding with a sidecar, it made the motorcycle technically a three-wheel vehicle and thus technically not something he'd need the M1 license for.

Of course, this won't stop political opponents from ganging up on Schwarzenegger especially with the election on the horizon. One of the potential Democratic contenders for Governor, Steve Westley, has already weighed in, saying the whole thing shows that Arnie "cannot or will not meet the higher ethical standards" voters want. Getting free trips to Aruba on Native American lobbying dime/riding without the proper license-- same thing. We can see the attack ads now ("Governor Schwarzenegger says that he's too good for a driver's license. That's just what Osama Bin Laden and Jack Abramoff would say!") Nor has it stopped it from becoming one of those election year side issues that people spend endless amount of hours debating instead of say, policy or actual issues. Already pollsters have been called for their analysis of what the people think. Which, by the way, isn't so good.

Oh, and the budget? More money for education, highways, and prisons. Not so much poor people and housing.