Tonight's opening features (watch out for Flash), a film about the German passive resistance movement during World War II. We hear it's pretty good, and the director, Marc Rothemund, is expected to attend the screening.

Other SFist picks include Sargeant Pepper, the story of a kid who hides in a tiger costume all day (we'll let you guess who'll be reviewing that one).

We're also pretty hot for Rhythm Is It, because some of us can't shut up about Stravinsky, whose "Rite of Spring" is featured in this film about "250 Berlin school children representing 25 nations - all unexperienced with dance and classical music...whirled into a stellar ballet performing in an old bus depot before an audience of 3,000."

There are lots of other films to check out over the course of this festival, so we'll see you there!

Image from Horst Buchholz… My Papa.

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