We've heard of evergreen news stories, but this an evergreen story about decorated evergreens: assorted East Bay neighborhoods inevitably have one or two streets where the decorating is absolutely over-the-top. We are dying to head out to Pleasanton to Widmer World -- 132,000 lights, plus wood figurines and a live Santa, all on Bob and Susan Widmer's lawn. We'll be joining 3,000-5,000 of our closest friends for that one, if previous years' visiting estimates are at all accurate.

SFist lives near Thompson Avenue -- better known as Christmas Tree Lane -- and is more than familiar with the traffic clogs and pedestrian traffic that the super-decorated streets attract. Sadly, the new element this year appears to be vandalism, with a few of the gingerbread men on Thompson Ave. decimated by jerks. Bah humbug!

Image by The Chronicle's Katy Raddatz
SFist Lisa, contributing