She sent us to this craigslist entry, which contains identical verbiage to the one we posted earlier, except that it lists an additional audition venue:

Monday November 21st between 7 -9 Round Table pizza res't, 3567 Geary St., SF, 94118 Between Arguello Bl. & Stanyon Street next door to old CORONET theatre San Francisco, CA

Oh good lord this is beyone belief. Round Table pizza? Is this a trick? Can anyone out there verify for us that Hammer's people couldn't find a better Monday audition venue that Round Table pizza? Did anyone out there ?

This story just gets weirder and weirder, doesn't it? Well, someone must have gone to try out for this video, right?

We're dying for dirt on this, so listen up: we'll send a 10-pass Muni token booklet (good until Dec 31 2005) to the first 5 people who email us with their Hammer audition stories (Round Table or Film Arts, though we're dying for a Round Table anecdote or two), for publication on SFist. These must be truestories, people -- please don't get us sued. Spill it!