Sheya, right! We suck at resolutions. Did you know dental floss can go bad? Yeah, that's how good we are with following through on our resolutions. It helps when you do it with friends, of course, which is why we love the idea of PledgeBank. You pledge to do something, but only if a certain number of other people do it with you. That seems like it would help take the pressure off a bit, doesn't it? And yes, you do still have to get up and do it. But you won't be alone.

One of the pledges we've seen on PledgeBank really intrigues us - pledge to become a mentor to people in the developing world. We love to see that ambition, and they're nearly halfway there. But you could pledge to do something simpler, like sending CDs to Katrina survivors or donate to Iraqi schools.

You certainly don't need to be so participatory high-tech about it. Just between you and yourself you can pledge to do something great with yourself next year. Tell us all about it - what do you want to do?